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For the best fish and chips in Hale and Altrincham, look no further than WA14, where you’ll receive the freshest, fluffiest cod, haddock, sea bass and more.

The old ones are the best

Cod & Haddock

Traditionally the most popular choices of fish for fish and chips, there’s nothing old about the cod and haddock we source and utilise. We can trace all our fish back to the geographical waters they were caught at and even identify the name of the trawler, as well as the person who packed them to give you a more authentic experience with our food with true flavour in every bite!

We watched the documentary...

All Fish Ethically Sourced

Overfishing historically has been a big issue and we need to be part of the solution, not the problem. If overfishing continues, there will not be enough fish left in the ocean to feed future generations.
We understand the issues, but it requires ocean stakeholders to work together to ensure the seafood industry becomes sustainable. Currently over a quarter of the world’s wild-caught fisheries’ catch is either certified, suspended, in assessment, or working towards certification to the MSC Fisheries Standard.
We only select and use certified MSC Fisheries Standard supplies, so you can enjoy your next culinary dish with peace knowing the fish you’re eating is ethically sourced.

Are you hungry yet?

WA14 is the only fish and chip shop that you need to visit. We don’t believe in serving food that’s sat waiting; our chefs cook your food fresh and to order, so you know it’ll be hot and delicious upon arrival! If waiting a little bit longer isn’t an option, then there’s plenty more restaurants and takeaways that will be more than happy to serve you something cold. 

Did we mention that we only serve our food in recycled material boxes to keep it even fresher? This means no need of scraping off any batter or sauces from the paper it was wrapped in, and ensures what you eat at home tastes as good as possible.

Something Fancy?

Salt and Pepper Squid will do it

Fancy fish & chips but not fish & chips? We’ve got you covered. We have a huge selection of alternatives ranging from Sea Bass, Fishcakes, Fish Goujons and Monkfish to Pea Fritters, Halloumi, Salt & Pepper Squid and Scampi. In fact, WA14 has something for you to eat every day of the week. Everything is fried separately and we only use vegetable oil for all you cholesterol-conscious folk.

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