Cheshire's Best Sides & Sauces

Fancy glamming up your next fish, pie, sausage or chicken? Go on then! Choose from an array of sauces and sides to spice up any dish.

It’s a Northern thing

Choice of Curry, Gravy & Mushy Peas

Question: Are you a dainty dunker or more of a demolition drencher?

However you like to dip and drizzle, WA14 Fish and Chips offers a wide selection of complimentary sauces, sides and condiments suited to your taste and for an extra depth of flavour. Gravy, curry, chilli, salsa, homemade mushy peas or baked beans – there’s something for everyone and it’s all available right here.

Stuck for choice...

Get both the sides then

Who says you only get to pick one side or sauce? Why not get both! Our recyclable takeaway boxes are spacious enough to hold all your delicious fish and chips, chicken, pie or sausage comfortably inside, with a generous helping of not one, but two sides or sauces of your choice. There’s more than one way to eat at WA14 and we always go the extra mile for our customers to deliver high quality food that looks good and tastes even better!

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