The finest Sausage & chicken

For the finest sausage and chicken takeaway meals in Hale and Altrincham, visit WA14 Fish & Chips – try it, like it, order it!

Go On, May As Well Throw A Sausage In

Sausage and Chips

Who doesn’t love a Jumbo Sausage? It’s the kind that you can chow down on without feeling the slightest bit guilty. Our large sausages are cooked to perfection, using quality pork with a high meat content, so you’ll get more banger for your buck from these bad boys than anything else on the market. After all, we care about what’s going into them and how it tastes.

Fancy it battered? Not a problem, now you’re really floating our boat.

Crave A Cheeky Bit Of Chicken?

You’re in luck! There’s no better place than WA14. Grab yourself 6 gorgeous chicken nugget pieces deep fried in a crispy battered coating – for one or to share. All of our chickens are ethically sourced, so you know they come from free range birds, without any artificial ingredients added along the way. Feel free to add one of our classic sides and sauces including beans, mayo, ketchup – every super meal has a sidekick!

It’s A Steak Out!

Highest Quality Meat

If nuggets are not your thing, we’ve got your back! Our premium chicken steak is second to none, using the highest quality ingredients from local suppliers across Cheshire, with a crispy battered coating for an instant crunchy taste in your mouth, whilst keeping all that juicy meat intact.

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